Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dried Fruit: a great snack

It's hard to get away from packaged food when it comes to snacks. When I am looking in my pantry for a quick snack, dried fruit is an excellent and tasty choice. I have dates, figs, apricots, and raisins on hand all the time. Mikey loves them because they're so sweet. What makes them sweet is the unprocessed natural sugar in them. Sugar from these real foods has a long list of vitamins and minerals that processed white sugar doesn't give us. Of course, it's all still sugar and so dried fruit should be a treat and eaten in small quantities.


Ella Larsen said...

Do you have any thoughts on organic versus nonorganic dried fruit? The organic stuff can be so pricey.

Thais said...

After reading so much about organic versus non-organic, I don't even ask myself the question anymore. If possible, I always choose the organic option. With that said, sometimes the price of a fruit is so expensive that I don't buy it. Normally, it's because it is out of season. Buying organic will help you buy with the seasons.

But that isn't really answering your question about dried fruit. I would say that if it's so expensive that you buy processed packaged "kid" snack food instead of organic dried fruit, buy the non-organic dried fruit and not the processed packaged "kid" snack food.

Another piece of advice is not to buy the dried apricots that are bright orange, buy the ones that look brown, they're better for you.

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