Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Whole milk yogurt: fills baby with nutrients, helps mom shed pounds

Today, my husband, Zack, returned from the store with lowfat yogurt for Mikey.

“Sweetie, Mikey doesn’t eat lowfat yogurt,” I said, using a gentle, nonaccusatory tone. “He eats whole milk yogurt.”

“Why?” asked Zack, sounding a little irritated.

“Because lowfat yogurt lacks nutrients that make it a health-promoting food,” I responded.

My response got me thinking: What nutrients are missing in lowfat yogurt? I turned to the internet, and I read up on one interesting and rare fatty acid that Mikey and I would get a lot less of by eating lowfat yogurt because it's found in milk fat: conjugated linoleic acid.

Conjugated linoleic is bottled up and sold as an expensive weight-loss pill. So while lowfat yogurt has less calories, whole milk yogurt contains fatty acids that help trim fat—specifically in the abdominal area! Most new mommies, who are carrying around a few extra pounds, love this. Mikey doesn’t need to loose weight but he needs the calories and nutrients that the fat in whole milk provides.

Conjugated linoleic isn’t just any old fatty acid—it’s a trans fatty acid! I see a bad word in there. It turns out that not all trans fat is bad for us. The artificial trans fat in Doritos is bad, but the naturally occurring trans fat in yogurt is good.

Lastly, conjugated linoleic has antioxidant and antitumor properties.

Bottom line: I am going to eat whole milk yogurt with my baby and cut back on the Hershey’s mini chocolates at work.

Read more about yogurt starting on page 252 of the Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron.

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Rebecca Jane Lacko said...

Thanks for the info! After years of eating fat-free yogurt, one taste of my son's whole milk yogurt and I felt like I was eating pie filling---in a good way!
I don't need any further prompting to dig in!
I've linked your story to my blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I bought whole milk the last time I went shopping. It's like drinking desset! I called a good girlfriend of mine who happens to be 95 years young who told me she drinks whole milk and eats butter and lots of it. She said her doctor told her never to let anybody tell her to cut out her whole milk dairy products. She also commented her husband died from a heart attack at 65 eating margarine and no butter!

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